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ESICONVERGENT brings the correct people to the exact issue that your business or agency is facing and we define a roadmap that makes the most sense to move forward. We connect the dots with the rite resources that you are in need of. The cost of these services range from an hourly rate to fix bid. However, at times we will simply refer you to the company that can service your needs. As the name states ESICONVERGENT's goal is to converge the security industry and bring the best of minds and technology together, to solve the greatest concerns facing all of us today.

Our partners include Boon Edam, Hitachi, Blackbox Fusion LLC., BluStor, SecureXperts, Armstar, Lunarline Corp., SoloInsight, Lenel, Securitas, Security 101, CSM Research, MCPc, and DataMatics among others.

ESICONVERGENT is your trusted advisor for all your security challenges in this ever changing world. Through our ecosystem of consultants and companies, ESICONVERGENT has brought together the best of breed to give you, the customer, the most comprehensive and precise fulfillment of all your regional and global security needs. For many years, security has been either treated as a cost center or a necessary evil and has not been fully integrated into the life blood of the business risk environment. Through ESICONVERGENT methodology of brining Information Technology, Operational Technology, and Physical Security together through the convergence of people, process, and technology we have found the missing piece in making good security decisions. It starts with an evaluation by our staff of seasoned and experienced consultants who have industry as well as practical experience in every aspect of security.

Converged Physical Security Solutions

ESICONVERGENT is your trusted advisor for all your security challenges in this ever changing world.

​​ESI Convergent is a management consulting firm focused on helping companies assess and define the use of people, process, and technology within the physical and cyber security arena. ESI Convergent was formed to not only help end users with their security and compliance needs but also manufactures in defining the proper strategy to drive products successfully into the marketplace.As a thought leader in the Security Industry Pierre Bourgeix has focused on converging the security industry.

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Converged Cyber Security Solutions