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The certificate is based on ISO, NIST frameworks and uses the CMMI rate of maturity which allows ESI to give our clients a converged certificate of attestation.  This is a converged baseline score which allows a client a clear path to establish proper physical and cyber controls as well as policies and procedures surrounding governance across the enterprise. 

Converged Security Certificate (CSC)

The model for the Converged Security Certificate is a culmination of which is directly tied to the rate of maturity of an enterprise system which we validate and assess against using our bSMART® process. 



Soon to be recognized by entities such as SIA and IEEE, that define a converged security standard build around the four domains of Information Technology (IT), Operational Technology (OT) control systems such as SCADA and PLCs, Physical Security (PS), cameras, access control systems, video management systems and Internet of Things (IoT) all things at the edge, such as sensors, etc.

This certification will allow the creation of training programs that will serve to lead the industry and funnel business to our experience centers.