Clear Ridge Defense is our trusted business and strategic partner who handles all of our Cyber Security. 

- An energetic, growing, & closely-knit firm that has established a reputation for quality, top-notch talent, expertise, and professional integrity in both support and practices.

- Taking a different approach from many in the industry, Clear Ridge Defense seeks quality of the team and deep-knowledge support efforts over quantity.

- Judiciously approaches what efforts and the talent required to pursue and fulfill its cyberspace support efforts that spans both DOD and the private sector allowing for unique insight and experience that transcends individual niche sectors of cyberspace.




Why Clear Ridge Defense?

A sustained effort.  When you choose CRD, you will receive more than a generic cyber assessment.  CRD will learn and integrate with your organization to defend your information technology assets and systems. Whether your organization has a fully staffed IT department or none at all, CRD analysts maintain constant contact throughout the effort to provide a thorough assessment and the best cybersecurity coverage in real-time. 

A tailored, understandable, and usable report.  The most valuable aspect of any assessment is the report that is provided to your organization and its value.  First, the report is the only record of the assessment being completed and is required to provide to auditors during regulatory or compliance audits to demonstrate due diligence and due care.  Second, the report highlights vulnerabilities that may be exploited within your computer systems and networks and provides recommendations for remediation of those issues.  Third, the document can be used to validate or identify the need for change or allocation of resources within an organization.

An enduring strategic partnership with exceptional talent & real experience. CRD is dedicated to growing maintaining strategic, long-lasting partnerships after initial assessments.  We maintain communications with our clients before, during, and after assessments.  Other organizations will perform automated scans, leaving behind hundreds of pages of technical documents with no practical value that are not digestible by executives.