​​Butchko•ESI is dedicated to a converged physical-cyber approach that delivers sustainable business value and resilience. We drive client success by integrating people, technology, information, and processes to create comprehensive and practical solutions which maximize organizational mission success. This strategy yields clear understanding of an organization’s current state which holistically leads to substantive improvements in operational, organizational, and financial success.



Butchko / ESI Convergent Partnership Announcement – December 1, 2020

Butchko, Inc. and ESI Convergent, LLC have combined forces to jointly bring converged physical-cyber security solutions to solve today’s complex challenges.





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What does CSIM mean?

It means that Advisory must become Advisory as a Service (AaaS). 
It cannot remain a static analysis / report driven process defined by a specific customer issue or event.

​It is a constant and maintained level of your "State of Security" as defined by a scientifically assessed rate of maturity that can only be achieved by applying a converged security information management approach.