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New platforms and strategies include AltaStata, an MIT incubator company, whose solution is designed to ensure secured cloud channels, secure storage, sharing and fast processing of data for AI / ML analysis in the cloud. The approach is innovative and unique (patent pending).  AltaStata provides an independent way to protect structured and unstructured data file, including text, images, pdf, video stream, etc. in the cloud from internal and external breaches using the client side encryption. The solution does not require reprogramming of the existing Big Data solutions and tools and does not reduce performance or scalability of the cloud. 




Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) is a solution that provides a secure dedicated alternate access method into an IT network infrastructure to administer connected devices and IT assets without using the corporate LAN. The primary benefit of an out-of-band management interface is its availability when the network is down, a device is turned off, in sleep mode, hibernating, or otherwise inaccessible. OOBM can be used to remotely reboot devices that have crashed and to manage powered-down devices. The core idea is to preserve 24/7 uptime of your network by ensuring you always have access to critical IT assets like routers, switches, firewalls, servers, power, storage, and telecom appliances that operate the organizations' backbone communication framework.

​Secured Channel Communications

Presently, IoT devices are being utilized by companies and Smart Cities / Smart Spaces to report anomalies or any incidents or concerns, similar to equipment failure, and so forth, in an automated way without human intercession.  The CSIM approach to secure channel communications is to provide from Edge to Cloud protection, which thanks to new MIT incubators and 5G cellular, it’s becoming closer to impossible for hackers and bad actors to be successful every day.