You’ve invested in separate tools for situational awareness, command and control, analytics and other functions.
Priority 5 is the only solution that unites them all to deliver a decision-ready platform that is far superior to mere situational awareness.

Bring it all together: Weather, Traffic, Video, Social, Cyber, Situational Awareness.
Give your team the power to make the right decisions — in the command, fusion, or operations center, and in the field. Priority 5 can accept data streams from almost any source, including the software tools you already use in your operations center.




No plan survives first contact with reality.
Legacy systems present mounds of data and multiple courses of action that can obscure options and set off an immediate cascade of irreversible and unforeseen consequences, beyond the first level of decisions.
Priority 5 integrates and interactively interfaces with all data streams in real time, so you can continually evaluate decisions, at every moment and every level of operations.

Static solutions can't keep pace with dynamic events.

Compliance Requirement Changes and Complexity Constantly Affect Your Business.

The growing complexity of IT infrastructure makes the task of compliance officers and security analysts ever more challenging. Policies and employees are changing, use cases are evolving, and a variety of technologies can disrupt compliance requirements.

Our software helps eliminate disruptions caused by:

  • Complexity
  • Requirements
  • Multi-vendor environment
  • Evolving use cases
  • Policy changes
  • Employees

Firewall Audit Made Simple

Designed by auditors and security researchers to instantly identify risks in rulesets and prepare network maps, baseline and compliance reports. Save time and verify network segmentation.

Monitor your Network 24/7

Track changes to firewall rulesets and network vulnerabilities continuously. Receive alerts in real time to protect your infrastructure from accidental and intentional misconfigurations.


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Technology Spotlight

The ESI Technology Spotlight webpage and process is Pierre Bourgeix, Chief Technical Officer’s vision encompassing his passion and commitment to assisting customers and industry colleagues with the selection and implementation of world leading and changing solutions.  Pierre is a firm believer in tested, tried and true - no bleeding edge escapes a sandbox onto a customer platform until undergoing Scenario Based Testing; which mimics the real life and real time executions of the customer. David Renaudin, our Chief Science Officer and his team oversees the complete SBT process and documentation submittal, providing the assurances needed to land a technology on this webpage and into your enterprise.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in ESI Convergent!

Securing sensitive data lakes in public clouds.  Use AltaStata without changing your business processes for...
Cloud Adoption

Enables use of Public Clouds for collection and processing of sensitive and personal data

Supports Regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, California Privacy Act and more 

Data Security

Protects your organization from appearing in the news due to massive data breaches