​Cyber Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are an important and necessary part of cyber preparedness and are part of the “kill chain” process.  Performing internal and external vulnerability assessments are part of most compliance frameworks and are inevitably a part of a cyber defense process.  ESI teams perform on premise internal vulnerability assessments as well as provide a self-scan process powered by Qualys or Nessus.  ESI also performs external vulnerability assessments which are done from our SEIM in  Cleveland, Ohio.

Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment works to improve security and life safety continuity and compliance postures and develop a more mature, integrated or converged security program.  We look at both cyber vulnerability assessments and physical vulnerability assessments together.  Looking at one without the other is not a converged approach.


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​Physical Vulnerability Assessments

ESI performs physical vulnerability assessments which are manned and unmanned by either doing an on premise assessment review or doing an external threat and vulnerability analysis from our offices with the support of your internal team.

Usually physical security vulnerability assessments focus on site and building infrastructure, incorporating both security and life safety valuations.  This includes assessing how these vulnerabilities may impact business operations tied to operational technology, SCADA systems, and planned redundancies for the purposes of continuation of operations planning.