Pierre Bourgeix, MA, MS, MBA, CPP

Chief Executive Officer

Backed by a Global Business Management degree and over 20 years of hands-on experience, Ashley is a versatile marketing specialist and trusted advisor who enables organizations to grow their brands and tell their stories persuasively. Her blend of communication savvy, strategic perspective, and technical know-how makes her a valued partner for elevating brand profiles.

Industry veteran with over 25 years of expertise in commercializing technologies and managing growing business across multiple industries and across global markets. Currently VP of International Business Development at ESI Convergent, with prior positions as VP sales and marketing at few startups including KAZUAR and Corsight AI. Mulli was a cofounder, VP and board member at OnSSI, a pioneering and disruptive startup in VMS software, bringing the company from bootstrap startup to one of few global leaders that changed the security video management as we know it.

Fields of expertise include data communication, telecom, data encryption, physical security, video analytics, face recognition, deep-learning AI and defensive cyber security. Mulli built sales and marketing teams, developed go-to-market strategies, technology and commercial partnerships, eco-systems and consultant programs as well as managed multiple global accounts. 

Mulli Diamant
VP, International Business Development

Seth has nearly a decade in the security industry as well as experience in Corrections and Law Enforcement and is also a U.S. Navy Veteran. He shares the company’s vision in creating a more cohesive and converged approach to security. His previous employment in overseeing research and development for a critical infrastructure security company allowed him to develop systems and workflows that merged IT, OT, Physical Security and Guard Services seamlessly and effortlessly to create complete security coverage for his clients. He has become dedicated to providing elite services by having firsthand experience with the pain points and roadblocks that businesses experience when implementing more secure environments. This also allowed him to understand the growing pains of businesses and manufacturers in the security industry.

He has experience with serving highly specialized requests for security services in a number of industries including retail, critical infrastructure, oil & gas, government, education, and executive protection. He has helped develop and curate policy and procedure for private companies as well as the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Louisiana Department of Public Safety, as well as countless government regulated clients. His experience in these areas includes: MTSA, FISMA, CFATS, ISO, NERC, FERC and more.

Maria Sumnicht

IoT/OT/ICS Cybersecurity

Architect & Technologist

Ashley Davis​
Chief Strategist

Adi Karisik

Global Principal OT for Jacobs

 Board Member for ESI Convergent

Ashley is an accomplished Brand and Marketing Strategist who has spent decades cultivating expertise in strategic communications for major brands and startups. Through her extensive experience advising organizations on brand messaging, crisis management, and strategic partnerships, she has developed specialized skills in relationship-building, reputation management, and driving brand awareness. 

As an advisor on the prestigious Global Advisory Council for the Crisis Ready Institute, Ashley lends her knowledge of crisis communications and brand protection to help organizations effectively navigate reputational challenges. Her perceptiveness and strategic counsel equip companies to convey their vision compellingly, align internal and external messaging, and build stakeholder affinity.  

​With a keen understanding of social media's role in modern marketing, Ashley leverages platforms adeptly to amplify brand narratives, foster engaged online communities, and attract mutually beneficial partnerships. Her aptitude was honed while collaborating on new product launches and training sales teams and channel partners for multimillion dollar brands and startups. The measurable success of her work has cemented her reputation as a leader adept at advancing brands in the marketplace.

He is presently involved in creating security standards for the testing of products, systems, and solutions. Additionally, Pierre is in the process of developing a model that will explain the converged security Kill chain, which will lead to the need for proper predictive analytics across IT, OT, and Physical Security and the development of a converged standard.

Pierre’s experience includes projects throughout the EU, EMEA and APAC including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, UK, Germany, France, and others. Clients include the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The US State Department Security Services, the Rand Corp. The US Navy, Hitachi, First Energy, Meridian, Enel Energy, Space X, Con Ed, Anadarko/Occidental Petroleum, Exxon, Biogen, AEP, LenelS2, and Carrier UTC.

Pierre holds master’s degrees in both Behavioral Education and International Business Management, with bachelor’s in History and Political Science. He is a member of the US Naval Institute and is fluent in English, French, and Arabic.

Pierre has spent 30 years as a global security consultant and innovator through his experience with The Rand Corporation, The US State Department, ADT/Tyco Security, HySecurity, Wallace International, SecureState and BoonEdam. Currently Pierre is the CTO and Founder of ESI Convergent, LLC.

Pierre’s primary expertise is Physical and Cyber Security Governance and has had years of experience within the physical security arena, including experience working with the US Secret Service, the NSA and the CIA. Projects include a forensic security assessment for Saudi Aramco, and a forward base security assessments in radar detection, geo fencing, and communications testing for the US Navy in Iraq and Kuwait. Pierre also helped the Saudi government implement long-range video surveillance, gate and fence control systems, and ground sensing systems on the Saudi Arabian border.

From a strong foundation in the physical security, barrier, gate control industry, Pierre’s path has grown to include electronic security, managed services security and finally, the IT and cyber security arena as well. He has spoken at many conferences, manufacturer events and association meetings globally. Pierre is a highly regarded thought leader in the convergence of IT, OT, and Physical Security and is a renowned expert in the integration of converged technology platforms, ranging from large manufacturers to utility companies such as First Energy.

​About ESI Convergent

In an ever-changing world, ESI Convergent stands steadfast as your trusted security partner. Our elite team brings together the finest solutions to fulfill your needs - whether local or global. Our expertise spans smart cities, spaces, government, energy, finance, healthcare, education, industry...you name it. Count on us to tackle your toughest challenges with comprehensive, precise support. With insight and experience on your side, we'll keep you protected now and in the future.

We're more than just consultants. We're your guides through digital transformation, bridging physical and cyber security including IT, OT and IIOT. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to leverage innovations, optimizing operations, reducing costs and uncovering opportunities. 

Trust our seasoned team for strategic guidance and hands-on help with your most complex initiatives. Our tailored solutions and expertise empower you to thrive in the digital age.  

As your trusted advisor, let's partner to drive transformation and growth. We don't just strategize - we train your teams to captivate customers and execute for real results. 

We know true growth requires the right partnerships. We'll analyze the competition and integrate the channels and allies you need to compete at the enterprise level.

With expertise across IT, OT and the public sector, we'll tackle core business challenges around identity, access and security - locally or globally.

Beyond strategy, our technical capabilities ensure your solutions delight customers while protecting your business. 

Let's connect to discuss how, together, we can overcome your most pressing challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

Seth Riser
Director, Strategic Development

With over 25 years of experience, Maria Sumnicht is a true leader and innovator in the fields of IoT/IIoT, ICS, and OT cybersecurity. As the former Urban Technology Architect for the City of New York, she was responsible for the cybersecurity posture of all IoT, IIoT, ICS technology being procured by the City. Her team proactively secured cutting-edge smart city infrastructure prior to its deployment on city streets and her team was responsible for authoring the IoT & ICS Policy and Standards for the City of New York. Maria's technical expertise stems from roles such as Computer Scientist at NASA Ames, where she worked on advanced aerodynamic simulations, as well as an engineer at Cisco Systems developing wireless and network management technologies. She has a unique blend of public and private sector experience, having also co-founded SurveillanceGrid, a smart city and physical security company integrating IoT and communications systems. Her diverse background covers everything from satellite engineering at Lockheed Missiles & Space to penetration testing of IoT and industrial control systems. With such a strong foundation across IT, OT, IoT, and cybersecurity, Maria offers invaluable perspective on securing critical infrastructure and leveraging technology to benefit society. Her technical skills combined with strategic vision make her perfectly positioned to continue driving innovation and leading teams to build the connected, secure future.


​His corporate experiences span across operations, training, investigations, business development, strategic development, marketing, research and development, and client relations management. Whether a client is looking to establish a more robust security network, implement stricter physical security; or looking to increase business relations, sales, or marketing potential, Seth can create execution plans and materials that ensure success!

Adi is an expert in operational technology with domestic and international experience in program management, strategy, operations, cybersecurity and intelligence, ICS, classified operations, and operational technology. Adi has also managed and directed various size teams in IT/OT/IoT Cybersecurity programs and consulted with and trained clients. During his 14-year tenure with Blue Canopy Group (now Jacobs), Adi served as a partner and one of the key leaders in the national security domain. As a key leader, his skillset includes behavioral profiling, cultural analysis, political-military advising, combat operations, intelligence training, predictive threat analysis, securing locations, and critical facilities. He has worked in over 80 countries and speaks multiple languages. His work experience encompasses a variety of organizations in the defense and intelligence arena and within the Department of Defense. He managed several classified and open programs / portfolios in the U.S. and Europe and is well-versed within the Army, United States Marine Corps, intelligence, and specialized communities. He still holds specialized National Security Clearance that enables him to work in Intelligence/Defense/Law Enforcement environments. Adi has worked within Jacobs Aerospace Technology and Nuclear Group, specifically for National Security Services for Commercial and International cyber operations and he led Operational Technology Cybersecurity practice in Jacobs People and Places business globally.