As your trusted advisors, let us share how we can partner to drive digital transformation and business growth. Through battle card creation and execution, our team equips your sales, marketing and business development teams to captivate customers. We don't just strategize - we train your team to execute, driving real results. 

We know real growth requires the right partnerships. We'll conduct competitive analysis to chart the optimal course, then discover and integrate the channels and allies you need to compete at the enterprise level. 

With our IT, OT and public sector expertise, we'll collaboratively solve core business challenges around identity, access management and security - on a national or global scale. 

Beyond strategy, we offer technical capabilities like performance testing, penetration testing and software quality assurance. This ensures your solutions delight customers while protecting your business. 

Let's connect to explore how our end-to-end approach can establish your brand as an innovator customers trust.

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing ​

Pen testing is a staple of most modern technology environments and technology market offerings.

However, it is essential to ensure that customer advice and attestation go well beyond well-meaning teams who have achieved minimum certifications onto proven global state level experience in identifying, hardening, and monitoring myriad attack surfaces in today’s world.

ESI Convergent works closely with former government and military cyber-defense and cyber policy crafters to ensure clients are immediately given the best possible advice, planning, and measurements. 

Cybersecurity Advisory & Attestation 

Trust us: ESI Convergent is a cut above the rest. Our hybrid approach seamlessly blends physical, logical, and operational controls with IoT expertise.

This allows us to take a 360-degree view when assessing threats and crafting blended solutions for mitigation, remediation, and proactive attestation.

We go beyond the standard IT offerings to include key physical security and IoT/OT edge devices. Many miss these crucial components, leaving gaps in their security. Not us.

We have a proven track record of uncovering vulnerabilities and implementing governance controls - ensuring your entire enterprise is buttoned up tight.

With ESI Convergent, you can rest assured your security is in the most capable hands.

Our cross-silo perspective and meticulous methods mean we spot risks others overlook. Consider us your trustworthy partners in fortifying your defenses.

Center for Security Research​

A fully functioning and integrated enterprise security ecosystem that includes customer-centric demonstrations such as: cutting edge cybersecurity, drone detection and remediation, workplace violence, incident management, best-in-class analytics, practical implementations of AI, audit ready dash



You've placed your trust in us as your technology advisor, and we take that responsibility seriously. Through open conversations and assessments, we'll get to know your organization inside and out - your ambitions, your roadblocks, your very soul. With this deep understanding, we'll craft a technology roadmap tailored to your specific industry and goals. 

We won't just tell you about the immense value our solutions provide, we'll show you. With strategic insight drawn from experience, we'll compellingly demonstrate how our offerings can solve your most pressing problems. Our messaging will resonate with each member of your team, cementing our partnership as indispensable.

You can leverage our sterling reputation and vast network to open doors across your vertical. We'll position our solutions as the obvious choice to meet your challenges head-on. Our proven approach fosters lasting loyalty and surfaces opportunities for continued growth. We are your trusted guide, and together we will chart a course to success.

Industry Technology Advisory Guide​

End users often need clear, concise information to validate marketing claims before making major investments. They want proof that technical requirements and operational needs align with tested solutions and manufacturer evaluations. 

Many manufacturers work hard to demonstrate their value in a market, only to have competitors' overblown marketing claims drown them out. ESI Convergent provides a new benchmark in spotlighting proven, best-in-class technologies and partnerships for specific industries.

Some products perform exceptionally in one industry yet fall short in others with different standards. By compiling a master dashboard of development practices, regulations, controls, risk management, and more, ESI Convergent's Industry Technology Advisory guide portfolio is a powerful knowledge base. It enables security professionals to make informed decisions.

Manufacturing Customer Program Levels 

Cybersecurity Advisory & Attestation Services are quoted separately after discovery and scoping sessions.

Cyber-Intelligence Services ​

ESI Convergent proudly offers cloud based and on prem exigent monitoring services towards client digital environments with staggering best-in-class cybersecurity defense suites that include detection, alerting, mitigation, remediation, and global NOC worthy dashboarding and updates to secure customer business IP and continuity. Including dark web deep-dive and advisory alerts as well as aggressive topology oversight for information security professionals, ESI Convergent can bring an array of suitable solutions to meet any customer investment.

IT/ OT/ Cyber

End User Advisory

Technology Lab Services

When it comes to vetting new technology, the ESI Convergent team is your trusted partner. Our veteran experts have spent years honing the diligence process, helping procurement teams gain the confidence they need before major project investments.

We don't just test products - we evaluate the companies behind them. Our rigorous assessment program provides the validation investors need when considering funding for startups and acquisitions. 

In an industry flooded with options, our lab services help manufacturers stand out. We offer the credible third-party attestation that proves viability and differentiation in the market. 

With ESI Convergent, you can trust you'll get an unbiased, experienced perspective. We provide the insights procurement teams and investors rely on to make sound decisions.

Understanding the whole picture

We tie threats and vulnerabilities to business risk through proper use of technology.

We assess with a converged approach tying physical and cyber security requirements to solve business problems.

​Leading to better policies, procedures, compliances, and standards eliminating the silos.

Our current state assessment and review of your environment helps to define a roadmap that clearly defines how your technology applies to solving the business risk.

Manufacturing Consulting

End User Technology Advisory Services 

Lab Services

Site Survey & Peer Review 

Trust us, we know security. With over 300 years of proven security expertise, ESI Convergent provides best-in-class advisory services to help you benchmark and strengthen your security program. 

Whether you need a quick consultation or an in-depth multi-day assessment, our insights deliver actionable value. We pinpoint strengths, gaps, and opportunities so you can celebrate successes and prioritize improvements. 

In no time, you'll understand how your program compares to industry benchmarks and how to prepare for audits. Our Peer Review findings become your roadmap for continuously advancing security.

Let our experience guide you. We've helped leading organizations establish effective security programs for over three decades. Our tailored recommendations provide the focused direction you need to optimize protections, demonstrate compliance, and sleep better at night. When you're ready to take your security program to the next level, we're here.

Red Team Exercise ​

For clients seeking to stress-test their own environments in the most professional method available, ESI Convergent boasts partnership with master-level red team experts.

Transparent results and diligent care to client reputation are paramount while leveraging globally proven experience to help identify vulnerabilities; both physically and logically.

End User Roadmap Planning Workshops & Requirements

Traditional security skills often can't keep pace with our ever-changing tech landscape. Conversations about data privacy, cyber-hygiene, and system scalability are sometimes overlooked, limiting customers to a narrow set of vendor products.  

At ESI Convergent, we take a different approach. Our technology recommendations are multi-option and brand-agnostic, tailored to each customer's policies, regulations, laws, standards, branding, architecture, user experience, sustainability, and more. 

With state cyber-defense experts, enterprise system veterans, and proven business leaders on our team, ESI Convergent is uniquely positioned to guide customers towards a successful, customized security program. Our knowledgeable team treats each customer relationship as a trusted partnership. Together, we'll build a roadmap and plan that meets your specific needs today and adapts seamlessly to tomorrow.