ESI will utilize the bSMART® assessment tool to identify and develop “work flow” solutions.  Gaps are either preventing business process from achieving its maximum potential; or are presenting unacceptable operational risk tied to a “Liability” that can be defined.  These are solutions that provide excellent Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) that exceed most company “Hurdle” rates.  Good examples of workflow solutions are large enterprise space utilization – butts in seats.  We can assess how costly space is being utilized or not, by analyzing throughput and utilization patterns.




bSMART® Business Resiliency Analysis

The bSMART® Process defines the issues impacting business resiliency, develops practical solutions, and provides defensible justification for solution selection and implementation.  The bSMART® Process provides repeatable, extensible Operations Risk Assessments, transcending typical market share and target audience limitations by analyzing full-spectrum risk to business operations, rather than limiting scope to just security risk.


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The bSMART® business resiliency software tool allows for a converged security assessment that augments a specific group of ISO standards.  The bSMART® tool measures compliancy and postures in order in order to scientifically assess rate of maturity as applied to a converged certificate standard.  The industry currently does not have a converged certificate standard, nor does it apply a rate of maturity to any organizational structure.  Our plan is to create the CONVERGED CERTIFICATE and utilize the rate of maturity methodology applied to regulated markets and insurers to incentivize and create change.