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Physical Security (PS) is a very misunderstood discipline in today’s converging world, where IT, OT , and PS are all converged together, but the business operational areas and governance many times have not yet converged. Do you know your current state of physical security? And, do you have a strategic and tactical roadmap to your desired state of security?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations!  And we are here to support and augment your processes to converge with your cyber world. If the answer is all or in part, no, then please continue to evaluate and consider how we can help you bridge to achieving your desired state.

​Components of a Security Program

​​​​Mitigation of Risk​

  • Once the information has been attained, then and only then can a proper Security Program be developed with security risk at its center point.

  • The key point is a security governance review, which makes sure you have the proper people, processes and technology in place to protect the business and take a risk-based approach to ensuring you have the proper level of protection.

People: Skill-Set Mix, Placement, Reporting Structure, Fitness, Talent, Training, Roles and Responsibilities. Proper Personnel for the task

Business Processes: Onboarding, Management, Governance, HR, Incident Management, Emergency Management, Vulnerability/Risk Management, Continuity of Operations (COOP), Weapons Management, Written Procedures
Technology: Security System Integration, Security System Administration, Security Management System, Communications Security, Access Control, Video Surveillance