Integration Specialists

The ESI team of subject matter experts (SME’s) believes in sharing with our valued customers and industry colleague’s exceptionalism within the security marketplace.  ESI has a nomination process that is based on individual, not company attributes; not popularity or marketing jargon. The attributes taken into consideration are as follows:


We at the ESI team stand behind these individual and honor them with the reputation they have earned.  They are included here because we believe that if any organization or enterprise manager is looking for expertise in a particular area, this page is an excellent resource for selecting an SME integration partner.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in ESI Convergent!

Rick Leighton

Director of Sales, SAGE Integration


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Rick Leighton, served as President of of DTS prior to its joining SAGE Integration. With over 25 years experience in client engagement Rick has worked with such industry leaders as ADP, AES and Stanley Security. Rick led DTS in its acquisition and time-tested service of key accounts at Home Depot, T-Mobile, FedEx Ground and Wells Fargo. In addition to his long-standing reputation with enterprise clients, Rick has also led with industry-shifting innovation, including his leadership of SecureVizual, providing a deeply integrated dashboard of Metrics and KPIs for clients’ security infrastructure.


At SAGE you will often hear the phrase “at the tip of the spear.” While many security companies just focus on the “shield” portion of our business, we recognize that in today’s fast moving environment, you need people advancing your interests, not just protecting your assets. The tip of the spear is the point where our team leaders pierce through the noise of quick fixes and unstable solutions, to bring you laser-focused integration, bringing the breadth of our resources to the strategic center of your enterprise priorities. This philosophy is embodied best by our team of leaders, industry veterans and seasoned executives committed to keeping SAGE protecting and advancing for you.