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Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is a process of infiltrating an organization to test its ability to protect and defend against a potential threat.  This requires a concerted effort to gain credentials as well as gain entry into a facility or an enterprise.  A process which not only incorporates cyber phishing as well as defining the weakest areas of entry into an organization is defined and executed.  This is done with the full permission of the client and has an objective defined.  Once the objective is achieved the exercise ends.  This will allow the client to gain clear data on performance of people, process, and technology used to defend against an infiltrator to an organization. 

​​The Physical Pen-Test

The physical pen-test is a subset analysis of the big picture. The bSMART® assessment methodology can then be deployed to allow for the continuous updating of the threat vectors utilized in performing a physical pen-test, which provides for on-going maturity to your kill-chain process.