When performing converged GAP assessments and remediation planning, SBTaaS will allow for the safe evaluation of proposed remediation solutions. Fundamental to the ESI brand in the future will be the creation of regional experience centers and technology demonstration labs to display technologies within customizable environments that mimic those in the real world and provide for quick adoption of smart spaces concepts.


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Scenario Based Testing (SBTaaS)

Scenario Based Testing (SBTaaS) is a laboratory testing model for certification of proposed solutions providing customers with a secure “proof of concept” before implementing new technology and software into their enterprise work environment.  We will use SBTaaS as a conjunctive service to enhance the existing bSMART® assessment methodology and for the future software tool release.

Ultimately, the goals are to improve business operations resiliency and at the same time create the “frictionless” application of security, whereas from our hard lessons of the past - culture beats strategy every time.  SBTaaS segments technology into four domains:  Secured Cloud (Storage), Secured Identity, Secured Communications, and Secured Entry.  These four domains are applied to IT, OT, PS, and IoT/CoT applications to ensure business resiliency.